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The lotus plant is a symbol of rebirth it appears to sink at night and rise again in the morning. It is known as the plant that loses old blooms and adds new ones on a daily cycle.

Cancellation Policy

Hello beautiful you!  Thank you for visiting my website. Please read our office cancellation policy regarding late, no show, no call, and same day cancellations. You are required to contact this office by phone, text message or email 48 hours advance to cancel your scheduled appointment. Otherwise, it is a loss of time for this provider. Late, no show, no call, and same day cancellations prevent availability of session time to other individuals who may need the appointment.  Our office policy cancellation fee is the full fee amount one would pay for services rendered. After four (4) cancellations within a six week time frame office policy is to suspend bookable services for a 90-day period. We will provide three (3) referrals to outside professional counselors.


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Olufemi Sharp, MA, LPC, DBT, CBT, Mindfulness, Energy Healing

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