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The lotus plant is a symbol of rebirth it appears to sink at night and rise again in the morning. It is known as the plant that loses old blooms and adds new ones on a daily cycle.

Couples Counseling

Relationship Conflict is an Awakening to New Possibilities of Growth:

As a Mindfulness-based Cognitive therapist, I provide mindfulness therapy to couples in counseling who are committed to staying together and searching to find healhier ways to communicate and reclaim emotional and sexual intimacy. I also work with couples who, for many reasons are tired, frustrated and think couples counseling may be to little to late and not sure if staying together is worth it. In either case, mindfulness practices help couples to open up and tap into moment to moment awareness of wanting and needing from a place of vulnerability.  My work is to help couples process barriers that block vulnerability and validation of inner experience.  It takes willingness, and tender-hearted courage to suit up show up to face and be rid of old behaviors and attitudes that stand in the way of trust, and happiness both individually and as a couple. Mindfulness work is not easy. I embrace and affirm Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, hetero-flexible, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and genderless individuals and couples.  I embrace and affirm interracial couples. 

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Lastly, conflict in a relationship is solved by mindfully choosing words and behaviors that support and affirm the needs of the relationship rather than the needs of the individual. Problems are negotiated with both partners being heard and validated. Deciding to start couples counseling is a decision to place your relationship on "project status." This means bringing forward your truth and being honest in session and the role you have played in the causing the problems. It means being willing to anticipate the needs, wants and desires of your life partner ahead of your own, and satisfying them completely. This is how we practice radical acceptance and radical tender-hearted courage. Acquiring a deeper understanding of your relationship problems and making a commitment to live in the solution is about demonstrating love and affection in action over and over again.  

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