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The lotus plant is a symbol of rebirth it appears to sink at night and rise again in the morning. It is known as the plant that loses old blooms and adds new ones on a daily cycle.


Mindfulness practice is the pathway toward greater wellbeing:                                          

According to Mindfulness-Based Cognitive (MBCT) research sixty percent of people who experience a single episode of depression are likely to experience a second. Ninety percent
of people who go through three episodes of depression are likely to have a fourth.  There is an explosion of excitement about the plethora of research that shows the efficacy of
Mindfulness and Cognitive therapy that reduces depression relapse and, in some cases eliminates depression altogether. 

Mindfulness practice cultivates inner calmness, joy and a pathway toward greater wellbeing. Mindfulness and Cognitive therapy combined allows us to be intentionally aware of the present moment, to pause and hold space before reacting automatically to others. Instead of ruminating and listening to the inner critic, instead of getting lost in the thought
stream, we learn to breathe, step back and understand our process  (automatic reactions) and respond skillfully to distressing conditions.








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