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Olufemi Sharp, MA, LPC, a licensed psychotherapist, sage energy healer, mindfulness trainer, mystic visionary and a developmental trauma informed expert.   

Olufemi's primary clients are individuals and couple's struggling with anxiety, depression, low self-worth, anger, emotion regulation, poor  communication skills, developmental trauma and lack f emotional intimacy. To overcome and achieve tools, strategies and healthy coping skills is the work in therapy with Olufemi.   Her approach focuses on men and women who cycle through old patterned behavior of faulty thinking and limiting beliefs that no longer serve your highest good.  Childhood and/or developmental trauma results in early learned mental habits that interfere even sabotage building healthy self-care practices.  Affirming self-love, self-worth, self-validation including starting and maintaining a refreshed healthy, happy, loving relationship of mutual respect and admiration is achievable.

Olufemi is a positive affirming LGBTQIA and BIPOC counselor for individuals and couples. She believes that deep inner healing, cognitive-mindfulness practices,  parts-shadow work, DBT, centuries old healing traditions, somatic experiencing and more  is conducive to increased open-hearted spacious and expansive self-love.

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