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  • The goal of the Power Path, LLC  Counseling Office provides high quality therapy care, open hearted nonjudgmental acceptance and clear communication of the therapy process.
  • Dates of service generates the billing claims and are submitted electronically to your health insurance company after each session.  Insurance companies will send the provider an EOB (explanation of benefits) 2 to 4 weeks after the claim submission. EOB correspondence indicates if you have a deductible and/or what percentage the health insurance provider will pay toward your office fee and health plan deductible.  Health insurance companies require that the deductible is met before payments  are made on the claim. Payments made toward your fee is the reimbursement to provider. If payments have not been made toward your deductible the client is responsible to pay any balances due. The Power Path, LLC Counseling Office in-network with (BCBS) Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare, Tricare.

I work in partnership with most major health insurance carriers as an in or out-of-network provider. We ask that you contact your health insurance carrier to verify your benefits before scheduling an appointment. This office does not make calls to health insurance companies unless concerns with billing  or payment reimbursement s arise.  Otherwise we bill a claim for service to the health insurance carrier on your behalf and wait up to 30 days for an EOB to arrive in the mail.  When the EOB arrives we make co-payment adjustments where appropriate and collect the remaining balance, if any or issue a credit or refund amount to your account. If you have questions or concerns about billing please call (816) 665-3003.

EAP clients: EAP services excepted (Alternatives, New Directions, UHC Optum, Health Advocate, only). If you are using EAP services you must have the billing paperwork sent to my office via fax or emailed before your scheduled appointment time. Otherwise it will be an out-of-pocket expense until the paperwork arrives. No exceptions.  The out-of-pocket expense will not be refunded.  (office policy).

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