Bipolar Illness

Boat on a Lake Bipolar illness is a treatable illness.  There is no cure for bipolar disorder it’s a lifelong condition that requires daily treatment to manage symptoms.  Bipolar illness is a mood disorder whose primary symptom is dramatic shift of mood analogous to a person whose body temperature regulation system does not regulate orderly---the person suddenly starts to shiver on a warm day or sweat profusely on a chilly day.   We can think of bipolar disorder as a problem in emotion temperature regulation.   With bipolar disorder, the mood becomes disconnected from the individual’s environment, thoughts and feelings. The fluctuations in mood can be mild to profound low mood Major Depression Disorder to irrationally high mood. Symptoms are unique to each person mood swings of bipolar disorder can be difficult to distinguish from ADHD to borderline personality disorder.

Psychiatric medication and Mindfulness-based Cognitive therapy are effective treatments that are proven to work.  The symptoms of bipolar illness are unique to each person and treatment is carefully individualized to meet the needs specific to each individual that comes into therapy care with me. There are millions of people living with bipolar disorder today.  Many people are living healthy, wholesome, productive lives, and many more are not.

Living with bipolar illness means daily medication treatment and self-care. R eaching out for professional help is the practice of tender-hearted bravery and self-care.

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