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Olufemi Sharp


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Hello beautiful You!  My name is Olufemi Sharp, you may call me Femi.  I am a senior accredited Licensed Professional Counselor with 23 years of being in love with doing this work!  I have a wealth of education, experience, training and wisdom both as a counselor and in life. I would love to meet with you for a 45 minute counseling/assessment session during which time we will discover your reasons for coming to counseling. At the end of the session you can decide whether to develop a relationship with me (the provider) and take counseling further.

We all need emotional support from time to time, many of us find parts of our lives difficult to sort out. Past experiences have molded some of us into the people we have become and why certain patterned behaviors exist and with greater self-awareness will inform new patterns for growth.  This is how and why i became a therapist. I needed to shed limiting beliefs around lack and unhappiness.  I had an inner knowing that my life was bigger than my conditions. therapy work can enable a discovery of our true essence selves and invite more abundance, love and fulfillment in life.  I made a choice long ago to be a warm healing presence for others on a journey toward powerful and positive change.  

We cannot always turn to family and friends for support. they mean well yet it can result in disappointment and invalidation which makes things worse. It is helpful to talk to someone in confidence who is impartial, nonjudgmental and in a safe, respectful space. We all have a story to tell. Being heard, understood, validated, supported and not judged can feel as if a heavy weight has been lifted.  

Some of the issues individuals come to counseling for include a feeling of being lost, low self-esteem, elevated stress & anxiety, low mood, work stress, intimate partner violence, trauma work, others may be having challenges with managing career goals and relationships at home and work.

In an increasingly busy and stressful world it can be difficult to explore what troubles us. My clients contact me for a variety of reasons including: therapeutic support for romantic partnerships, family challenges, limiting beliefs, anxiety, depression, work life balance, stress, bereavement, fear of the future, spiritual/energy healing, loss of direction in life, low self-esteem, gender dysphoria, alternative coupling styles, gender non-conforming and many other issues.

  Exploring challenges and struggles in life can feel daunting. It is the key reason why my practice offers a safe, nonjudgmental open spaciousness for insight and reflection at your own pace.  I am passionate about providing compassionate therapy-care that is respectful, safe and free of judgment from the start.
I strive to create therapeutic conditions that empower individuals, couples, teenagers and families to connect more deeply with the best of who they are, as each of us define that for ourselves.
I provide LGBTQQIA, gender-neutral and poly-fluid affirming counseling for individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds and histories.
My clients experience my approach as understanding, caring, safe, supportive, attentive, and authentic in a warm nonjudgmental space conducive for growth. I encourage individuals to explore their experiences in a way that could invite the potential for transformation and transcendence and for lasting and beneficial change to their unique situation. 

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Olufemi Sharp, MA, LPC, DBT, CBT, Mindfulness, Energy Healing

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