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Olufemi SharpHello beautiful you. Welcome to my page! 

My name is Olufemi Sharp. Olufemi is pronounced O-la-fem-e. Some people prefer to call me Femi which is easier to pronounce and remember, either way is just fine with me.

A few things about me, I enjoy my work as a therapist. My expertise is in treating mood challenges and couples counseling. I call mood shifts challenges because having mood shifts is not always perceived as a mood disorder.  

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor MA, LPC, with 25 years of training, education and experience both as a therapist and in life or the school of heard knocks. I feel incredibly fortunate to be doing this work; it's an honor to help people sort through the many twists and turns of life in the same way smart people helped me when I needed most. Most importantly, I provide you with wisdom, insight, life strategies, skills and tools necessary to help eliminate or reduce mental health symptoms. It feels great when you can step more fully into your true authentic beautiful self without the self- critical inner dialogue.

I provide an emotionally safe, understanding and nonjudgmental counseling space and  wide range of mental health services to include: Anxiety, Depression, intimate partner struggles, teen angst, Bipolar Disorder, Eating Disorders, Social Anxiety, PTSD or complicated trauma, Gender Dysphoria, social injustice distress, anger management. I work with family/work stress, low self-esteem, Transgender/LGTQIAA affirming therapy, bereavement, negative self-talk, addiction counseling and more persistent problems which can include personality disorders and chronic illness.

I invite you to click on my website pages to learn more about the services offered, my point of view in helping people thrive and my professional orientation to counseling.

My primary clients are adults, couples, teenagers 12 years old and older, and families. I help people build an effective therapeutic tool box that contains healthy life skills and strategies sufficient to solve your unique and specific problem. Therapeutic tools will afford you the benefit of finding your way out of the stuck places and to live a life that has meaning and is vastly satisfying. I provide an LGBTQIAA affirming counseling approach for adults, youth, couples and families. I work with family members and caregivers of gay and queer teenagers to facilitate closeness, understanding and support.  Parents or caregivers are required to be involved in the therapeutic process with the adolescent/teenager. Studies show that working with a child alone in therapy independent of home environmental influences produce low therapy results. We want to set the child and family up for success right from the beginning in whatever way success is defined for you.

I provide therapeutic advocacy and a supportive environment to serve as a counter-force to real life events associated with social injustice issues and discriminatory work or school practices including micro-aggressive incidents in public spaces that can negatively impact the psyche of individuals of color and individuals who are different. Let me say to those who have struggled in this area. Good job to you for still standing in your truth and having the cultural wherewithal and survival skills specific to situations that you have experienced throughout life.

It is not easy tolerating or having to adapt to difficult social or professional dynamics that do not value your worth and your brown or black skin. That is awful. I offer you a safe space to land to open up and to express feelings of sadness, anger, fear and frustrations; your feelings are valid and they need a safe space to off-load. You have that in my therapy-care. Releasing pent up negative feelings will significantly reduce the heaviness, fatigue and tension in the body. I help people process their feelings, thoughts, patterns of behaviors, stagnation, and old mental habits that could be a barrier to a new happiness and freedom. 

Together we work through your issues one by one and my job is providing you with emotional regulation skills, effective distress tolerance and communication skills to handle difficult moments, people and situations with ease and grace. I provide you with an enormous amount of psycho-education and information materials about how chronic anxiety, stress, fear, worry and resentments effect the human brain, central nervous and thus the body.

My services are strongly founded in establishing a safe, nonjudgmental and authentic space conducive to supporting and caring for your healing, growth and transformation in the mind-body and spirit. Learning to take time in your day to day life for honest self-reflection and healthy self-care is what strengthens each of us for the next day’s successful march.

One of the tenets of healthy self-care behavior is taking the risk to be seen and finding your people or your tribe these are the people who affirm you. If you are queer, transgender, non-binary, kinky, polyamorous/non-monogamous and has created your own chosen family/community that accepts and celebrates your identity and way of living is fantastic. I totally support you. There are times when your family of origin  triggers deep wounds, past trauma, or say hurtful things to you. That's not okay.

Cultivating healthy friendships and building your own family or tribe in some cases is certainly the next right thing to do.  If you or someone you know is having difficulty finding LGBTQQIA social resources and guidance or needing help with loved ones to resolve any of these issues? I am happy to help provide tools and methods to solve family problems and reduce or eliminate mental health symptoms.

My role as a therapist is to actively listen to you and the factors contributing to the problems that could be blocking you off from the life you want.  Together we sat down to make a plan of how to work together and through the issues and towards the amazing life you seek. My philosophy in life is about experiencing each person as whole in mind, body & spirit and helping facilitate your journey towards a greater sense of joy, purpose and well-being. You are always in driver’s seat. 

All people are different with their own unique experiences, creativity and inner power. You are in charge in therapy. You are the quarterback the one endeavoring to make a touchdown. You are the authority of your mind and body. I am the coach the one who will help you run the plays from the huddle (session) to your real life. That is why homework is given from time to time. I recognize and appreciate the immense value of each person’s right to autonomy, to thrive and have a better quality of life; however that is real for each us and however it is real for you I will help you score that touchdown!

We all need special attention at certain times in our lives to tell our story or parts of it and to have someone listen without blame, shame or judgment. A great professional counselor does that. I do that. You have the option to not carry the burdens of life outside the therapy room. You can leave your troubles with me. I can hold space for you. Carrying the weight of self-negative thoughts and negative emotions can be a lot of wear and tear on the body it's draining.  Even when you have support in your life from friends and family they don’t always know how to help and in fact they can make things worse. If you feel lost, overwhelmed, tired and searching for understanding an excellent choice is to schedule an appointment to see me (816) 665-3003. 

My counseling approach is effective. I draw on eclectic and evidenced-based therapeutic practices that work, they include: Mindfulness practices, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma-Informed Therapy and Somatic-Based Therapy practices. Other alternative treatments and therapies include Energy Healing, Chakra Clearing, Yoga-stretching, Breathing work, Meditations and Ancestral-spiritual work.

In this day and age, we all are facing many obstacles and life stresses that get in the way of living our best life. You will increasingly become intentional in the practice of daily self-care, deep breathing exercises and energy clearing once you notice a greater sense of calmness and well-being as a result of the practice.  Life is hard enough with just the normal everyday concerns it often gets to a point where your problems are unmanageable.  My counseling orientation effectively treats anxiety, depression, stressful life transitions, school/career/work issues, teenage angst, relationship problems, health issues, gender identity issues and other challenges you face. 

Exploring your personal challenges and struggles in life with me is an investment in your self-care, self-worth, growth and development. As you stay open to the process of positive change and do the work (the heavy lifting) in therapy miraculous events will come to pass for you and those close to you.

One of my key approaches in every session is to actively listen to you with friendly, nonjudgmental compassion and to identify patterns that might keep you stuck. Clients tell me that I am easy to talk to, that I have a warm, authentic and nonjudgmental healing presence that is couched in wisdom and open spaciousness. I believe that is a true assessment of who I am.  My practice is appropriately named the “Power Path.” What I know is that we all have an inner knowing or an inner power.  When you tap into your inner power by way of being present with yourself in a relaxed muscle body and having a friendly relationship with each now moment your life will expand exponentially to new possibilities of growth. 

I strive to create therapeutic conditions that empower individuals, couples, teenagers and families to connect more deeply with the best and fullness of who they are, as each of us define that for ourselves. It would be my absolute pleasure to work with you.

Are you ready to get started?  If so, click on my online calendar link to the right of this page at your convenience.  Feel free to call or send me a text message with any questions or concerns about anything.

Phone (816) 665-3003.  I am happy to reply to your message as soon as I can and certainly within a 24 hours period.Thank you again for visiting my website page.

See you soon!

Olufemi (Femi) Sharp, MA, LPC



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