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“Hello beautiful you, welcome to my website.  I see and honor you. You want nothing more than to create a phenomenal life  of  wealth, health, happiness and wholeness. I will help you overcome the obstacles.  And transform your life into actionable steps toward empowered intentional change”  Olufemi  Sharp

Olufemi  Sharp is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a mindfulness trainer, visionary mystic, sage energy healer, teacher, writer and motivational speaker on the intersectionality of energy healing from generational trauma and overcoming living in survival emotions. 

Olufemi believes that all of us have the capacity to be happy and that emotion dysregulation or living in survival emotions for an extended time will sabotage the desire for a happy life.  Emotions are energy in motion.
 Emotions live in the subconscious brain-body in the muscles, tissues, cells and particles.  She offers effective tools to help folks become awake and conscious of old thought patterns, beliefs, emotions, behaviors and work to change and grow. 

Olufemi brings a wealth of wisdom 30 years of life experience, formal education, energy healing and mindfulness training to her practice.  She is trained in western evidence-based treatments, neuroscience, cognitive-mindfulness, IFS, DBT practices and trauma informed.  She provides unorthodox indigenous treatment modalities from  Native American, African traditional spiritual, Chinese healing  practices, tools and techniques.  Her philosophy include experiencing each client as divine human beings uniquely whole in mind, body and spirit and values her work with culturally diverse individuals, couples, poly couples and teens. 

Olufemi provides coaching and counseling support to BIPOC, LGBTQIA, femme, cis straight male and female, non-binary, anti-racism-equity healing and trans male and female on their journey toward  becoming and achieving goals of success however that is real for each individual.

Olufemi is humbled by the fact that some of her clients call her an oracle.  She is a compassionate truth teller, a warm nonjudgmental healing presence who takes great pleasure in working with culturally diverse groups of people. Olufemi is gifted in helping her clients unravel difficult relationship threads and brings out what is possible and unique in the people she works with. 
She offers insight, resources, tools, coping skills, wisdom and solution-based therapeutic assignments that re-orient the individual and couples to more healthy balanced thinking, regulated emotions and less vulnerability to triggering events.

Olufemi's primary counseling approach is couched in neuroscience, cognitive-based mindfulness, and neuroplasticity the study and research of the brain and body. She understands that painful issues are lodged in the tissues of the brain-body and overcoming symptoms of limiting thoughts, beliefs and habitual behaviors. They are  expressed as anxiety, unworthiness, anger, depression, grief,  shame, blame, relationship challenges, trauma, self-loathing, competition, resentment, pain, scarcity beliefs, disappointment, loneliness, addiction, violence, etc, are emotions to explore, identify, name and work to overcome in Olufemi’s therapy care.

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Healing and Transformation


Olufemi knows that successful therapy outcomes are contingent upon a trusting relationship between therapist and client and the individual’s willingness to do the therapy work and apply the tools and skills between sessions.  Some of the work she recommends is having an open mind and embracing new concepts within the use of breath-work meditation, energy clearing rituals, visualizations, body movement, creative dance, restorative yoga, Tai chi, Tao tapping, support groups,  drumming, art, singing, journal writing, exercise, healthy eating, engaging in new hobbies, service work and more .  

Each person has uniquely different life circumstances therefore her recommended at home therapy assignments are tailored to the  individual’s needs.  Nevertheless, she highly recommends carrying out assignments between sessions as it has an enormous potential to build capacity and recalibrate the mind and body toward a more healthy, wealthy, joyful and freeing way of life. 

“I’m so glad you have chosen to visit my website. I am here to help you achieve your goals of success however that is real for you.  It's a journey in reawakening to a new freedom, a new joy, a new happiness and a new discovery of self.   It’s overcoming and becoming and stepping more into the truth of who you are which is an ongoing process.

I was called to do this work over 30 years ago. I understand emotional because I too have had to face the sharp points... the screams of life.  Family dysfunction, childhood adversity, broken relationships, major loss and trauma.  Life can be  a long protracted path of  twists and turns, love, joy and pain and along the way we learn, grow  and change.

I see and honor you. I'm here for you.

Thank you. 

Olufemi  Sharp

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Asante sana

If you have any questions about services, insurance or fees please text message (816) 665-3003.  

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