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“Hello beautiful you welcome.
Congratulations on choosing to make healthy self-care a priority.

I see you there and honor you.  I am sure you want nothing more than to create a phenomenal life of health and happiness in mind, body and spirit. I can help you get there by providing quality standards of care and healthy coping skills that bring about positive change.

I am a licensed psychotherapist and sage energy healer based in Kansas City, Missouri specializing in the treatment of developmental and complex trauma, anxiety, social anxiety, depression, low-self worth, poor self-image, low-self-confidence, ADHD and relationship problems--areas in which I have extensive experience.  At Power Path Counseling, I offer highly individualized therapy to adults, adolescents and teens to all genders, race/ethnicity, religious affiliation and sexual orientation.   

I wholehearted believe that you are the expert of your life. My aim is is to  help you create the necessary changes while providing a safe and warm connection in a collaborative relationship. I am invested in your healing. My interest is lies in helping you clearly identify and express your strengths, hopes, dreams and values which may have become lost amidst life's struggles. 

I cannot adequately describe the pain and frustration that comes alongside living with heightened states of anxiety which at times can consume your life where you "worry about anything and everything." Anxiety, is the most prevalent mental health condition in America affecting as many as 40 million adults and teens. Anxiety manifests in the form of unpleasant intrusive thoughts and physical symptoms. Fortunately, anxiety challenges is treatable when addressed with effective treatment. Is anxiety controlling your mind, body and emotions?  

If so,  I am here for you and believe in your ability to create a fulfilling life grounded in meaning and purpose.  I will partner with you to disempower anxiety.  I use cutting-edge western evidence-based treatments intersecting with age old healing traditions and rituals that include  Solutions-Focused, Narrative, CBT, DBT, IFS, Mindfulness, Shadow-Parts, Breathwork/Somatic Experiencing and Taoism.  Energy Healing reduces overthinking, stress, tension and anxiety and restores calm, relaxed focus and promotes balance of the body's energy flow. 

Mindful breathwork is powerful. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) breathwork calms the racing mind as well as reduces anxiety, restlessness, sleep problems, and the feeling of being on edge, fears and worries go away.  Choose the process of being grounded in positive emotions honoring a calm mind, body and spirt connection by doing this work.  I can help you live the happier, healthier life that you deserve and are worthy of.
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Depression is a complex mood challenge affecting millions of people across the world. Living with depression can overwhelm a person's wellbeing and impact their emotions, thoughts, body and behavior.  Depression can feel like a trap in despair causing extreme suffering such as fatigue, irritability, body aches and pains, self-critical thoughts and isolation accompanied by a sense worthlessness.  At times the despondency can emotionally arouse suicidal ideation. When these feelings persists for an extended period it can effect your health, relationships and career it can make getting through the day a struggle. 

The good news is that depression is treatable  and with the right treatment, relief and healing is entirely within reach. There is a number of therapy approaches that can be tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. I provide a compassionate, safe and warm space to explore your thoughts, emotions and beliefs and process past wounds and trauma that attribute to depression. Treatments include CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, Energy-Healing Somatic Experiencing and Narrative therapy are among western evidence-based therapies commonly used to treat depression. If you are experiencing depressive symptoms please reach out for help.
Asking for help can be the first step toward the process of healing, letting go and releasing pent-up emotions and traumas. 
I can assist in leading you to a greater sense of emotional freedom, wellbeing and a balanced flow of energy.


Living in chronic emotions of resentment, fear, anxiety, worry, jealousy, stress, competition,  trauma memories, guilt, low self-worth, depressive spirals, personal, family or societal trauma, relationship conflict, critical self-talk, repeated work stress, addictive behaviors e.g, food, drugs, alcohol, spending, gambling, gaming, scrolling, etc, is living in survival emotions.  When these mental habits occur it knocks the brain and body out of balance. 

When we perceive people, places and things as threatening when there is no real threat it triggers the fight, flight, freeze or hide survival system Living in a survival system demonstrates tremendous strength and tenacity to get  through difficult situations but not conducive to whole-hearted love, freedom, peace of mind, happiness and expansive joy. 

Research shows that living in an emotional hyper-arousal state activates the primitive part of brain, the fight, flight, freeze or hide. We can become anxious with racing and distorted  thoughts that could fracture relationships for a year or more. We have big emotions learned in childhood of habitually overreacting instead of calmly responding to troubling events.  Analogous to taking a shotgun to a roach akin to having your foot on the brakes and gas at the same time.  

The subconscious mind stores the pain and hurt in the muscles, bones, cells, tissues and particles of the brain and body.  Mending and tending to your brain, body and breath learning to practice centering and being present in the moment are the beginning stages to healing.

"The Body Keeps the Score"   Bessel Van Der Kolk,  MD

I offer deep inner healing work to better help you become resource filled with coping skills and effective tools to regulate thoughts, emotions and behaviors it's a journey of overcoming and becoming.  A journey of stepping into your true authentic essence self. A process of shedding, clearing and letting go of old familiar habits,  patterned behaviors and limiting beliefs and moving toward renewal and restoration in the brain and body.  Gently unraveling the subconscious shadow-parts and bringing them to conscious awareness allowing for a re-awakening to the rhythm of happiness in your heart flowing in pure positive energy that lies within you."

                                                        "We will return to the place where we first begun and we will know it for the first time."  T.S. Elliot

Counseling appointments are provided in person for the first two sessions due to the intake assessment process. Virtual and phone sessions are available after the first two sessions.

Appointment times are 50 to 55 minutes in length providing psychoeducation, effective tools, coping skills and rituals that work to bring about a perceptual shift in how we identify with and tell our stories and use the space to reorient unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and unchecked emotions. 

Olufemi brings her full self to the work, conveying humor, unconditional acceptance, authenticity, directness, psychoeducation, active listening, nonjudgment and expressions of warm empathy.  She believes we have the capacity for self-healing and to live a happy, adventurous  life beyond your dreams. Too often we allow external and internal triggers to impede even sabotage our desire for happiness. 


"I have had an amazing experience working with Olufemi she offered me practical skills and principles to manage the daily ups and downs and triggers. She helped me realize some hard truths about myself. She's soft and straightforward and genuine. It feels sort of like hearing language that all of sudden makes sense."

"Olufemi is a healing presence. She offers a safe space and has helped me move through some tough stuff. She supplied me with a toolkit of communication skills, and ways to reduce anxiety and anger.  I have more of an open mind and I'm much calmer." 

"Olufemi is a wonderful counselor and therapist. She is warm, direct, and wise. In every session, she provides inspiration and actionable steps and gives clear feedback.  If you are hurting and need help make an appointment with her."

"Olufemi provide space, acceptance and nonjudgment through my walks of challenge and trauma. One thing I really like about Olufemi is the work she encourages outside of therapy; tools, insight; after each session--I walk away feeling lighter and with intention. The environment she cultivates is one I look forward each month, and environment of healing, ease and progress."

"No one compares to The Oracle--that is how I see Olufemi." She gave me many tools and ideas to reduce and manage anxiety."

"Olufemi is a compassionate and real  She is great at being nonbiased understanding the issues getting to the root of things. She was helpful giving feedback to my partner and I. We have learned and apply healthy ways to communicate."

Olufemi has a heart filled with gratitude and humility for answering the call to do this work and the voiced expressions of positive feedback left by the individuals and couples she loves working with.  She is honored to provide positive affirming counseling to marginalized identities as it relates to race, culture, ethnicity, social and sexuality. Those who have experienced oppression, microaggression and violence within certain groups, family structures, work environment and public spaces.  

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Healing and Transformation


Success in therapy is dependent upon a trusting relationship between therapist and client and the readiness to do the work between sessions determine successful treatment outcomes. Each person is uniquely different therefore therapeutic interventions and assignments are tailored to individual and couple needs. Therapy requests, comments and questions are welcomed and honored.  

“I am so happy you have chosen to visit my website.  Thank you.   I  hope you have learned a little bit about my style and  therapeutic approach. My interest in growing as a therapist and sage energy healer is to help you grow and achieve goals of happiness  and success however that is real for you.  If your story is anything like mine, you are on a journey of willingness to change. I was once burdened by the stress of life. Chronic fatigue, self-doubt, depression, anger, anxiety, grief and loneliness was a way of life. I was surviving and not thriving.

I took matters into my own hands. Sought therapy, healing retreats, ceremonies, worked with Shamans and other indigenous healers. It was a process and it worked. I became unburdened and found  a new freedom, excitement and adventure in life.  That was 40 years ago that I answered the call to my purpose to counsel, support, coach, teach and help others undergo a transformative healing experience.   

When ready book an appointment to work with me. You will not regret it."

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Thank you again.

Olufemi  Sharp, Licensed Psychotherapist and sage energy healer

symbol your humanity is your divinity, 

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