"I Believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, I provide effective therapy to adults, couples, teenagers and; online counseling is available"
Olufemi (Femi) Sharp

Olufemi SharpHello beautiful you, welcome to my website. 


My name is Olufemi Sharp.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor 

with 26+ years of education, training and life skill experience.  I provide counseling for individuals and couples. I also work with children 12 years and up.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday 11:00AM to 5:00PM. All Saturday appointments are online and available only to established clients.

Note: My office does not accept all EAP services please send my office a text message or email before scheduling an appointment to ensure we are an in-network provider with them. 

Scheduling: Please understand that this office does not double book all scheduled appointments when booked are reserved for that date and time. Should you need to cancel a scheduled appointment please give my office a 48 hour cancellation notice to avoid the late cancellation fee. (please read the cancellation policy).

Note: I am not an in-network provider with Medicaid or Medicare at this time.

Thank you again for visiting my website and opening yourself to the idea of asking for help with getting unstuck from unhelpful traps. I believe professional counseling is an act of courage, a rich opportunity for growth and healing. I believe pain and healing are rooted in relationships we have with ourselves and others.  I believe in mind-body healing as the body is an imprint of our collective experiences.  I strive to create therapeutic relationship with individuals that are characterized by authenticity, warmth, and nonjudgmental acceptance. My aim is to actively listen and provide a non-judging presence that allow individuals to explore, unpack and work through new and old issues and challenges currently being experienced. 

My expertise is treating anxiety, depression, grief & loss, OCD, bipolar illness, gender dysphoria, intimacy challenges. I provide LGBTQ+ affirming counseling, trauma Informed treatment, IFS parts work, Whole self-care practices, relationship intimacy and communication skills, substance use treatment, individual and couples counseling, including polyamory, anger-management skills,

i effort to help people build an effective therapeutic toolbox that contains healthy life skills and strategies sufficient to solve unique and specific problems experienced. I provide supportive counseling to family members and caregivers of gay and queer teenagers and facilitate effective support systems.  Parents or caregivers of teenagers in counseling services are required to be involved in the sessions and in the therapeutic process of change and growth. Studies show that working with a child alone in therapy independent of caregiver influence produces low therapy results. We want to set the child and the family up for success in whatever way that success is defined for you. 

My services are strongly founded on establishing a safe, warm, nonjudgmental, respectful and authentic space conducive to support and care for the individual's healing, growth and transformation in mind-body and spirit. Learning to take time each day for relaxation, honest self-reflection, exercise, and other self-care measures is what strengthens each of us to love and live life more fully.

At certain times in our lives we need to tell our story, to have someone actively listen without blame, shame or judgment. To provide insight and wisdom. Carrying the weight of negative self-talk and heavy emotions is burdensome, it's draining and adds wear and tear on the mind-body and autonomic system. I invite you to share your story with me to release the burdens of the past and walk toward a new freedom. 

I can hold space for you.

My counseling approach is effective, I draw on integrative, alternative and evidenced-based therapy practices that have outstanding results. They include: Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive, Dialectical Behavioral, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma-Informed treatment, Somatic-Based therapy, Internal Family Systems (parts work) and Integral yoga.  Other alternative treatments include: Energy healing, Chakra clearing, Tapping, Breath work, Source healing meditations, eclectic spirituality and ancestral-spirit work.

As you  do the work in therapy and stay willing and open to the process of positive change amazing events, life transitions and healing transformations will come to pass for you and in your relationships.

full body olufemi

Healing and Transformation


I have been described as a warm healing presence one who is authentic, progressive, nonjudgmental, understanding and easy to talk to. I help individual's move past anxiety, depression, unhealthy relationships, social awkwardness and fear by learning the patterns of the mind.  My goal is to gently move individual's toward all that makes them unique, creative, special and successful however success is defined for you.  I help the people I work with find healthy, loving connections with themselves and others, moving past feelings of isolation and separateness. One of my key approaches in every session is to be totally present, to actively listen with intention to identify thoughts and behavioral patterns that keep people stuck. 

I strive to create therapeutic conditions that empower individuals, couples, teenagers and families to connect more deeply with the best and fullness of who they are, as each of us will define that for ourselves. 

I want to thank you again for visiting my website. I hope to see or talk with you soon.  Stay safe and,


If you have any questions about services or fees for service please call or text (816) 665-3003.  

                                           The Power Path, LLC

               Olufemi (Femi) Sharp, Licensed Professional Counselor

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