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“Hello beautiful you, welcome to my website.  I see and honor you. I know you want nothing more than to be seen, heard and supported and to live within your true authentic essence. I know the path is not always easy. In working with me you will receive the help needed to navigate the moving currents of life.”  Olufemi  Sharp

Olufemi  (Fehmi) Sharp is a Licensed Professional Counselor, an expert Mindfulness leader, mystic, sage energy healer, teacher, writer, and motivational speaker on the intersectionality of energy healing and generational trauma.  She believes that emotional issues are stored in the muscles and tissues ---of the brain & body.  

Olufemi brings a wealth of wisdom and 30 years of life experience, formal education, energy healing & mindfulness training to her practice.  She is trained in western evidence-based treatments, neuroscience treatment, mindfulness healing practices, cognitive behavior therapy, and unorthodox indigenous modalities from Native American healing practices, African traditional spiritual practices and ancient Chinese healing techniques.  Her philosophy include experiencing each client as divine creators as uniquely whole in mind, body and spirit; and values her work with diverse individuals on their journey toward  becoming.....   

Olufemi is a compassionate truth teller and warm nonjudgmental healing presence who is accepting  new clients in-person.  She provides counseling services to individual adults and kids 16-years old and up.  She specializes in couples therapy to cis-straight couples, gay, queer, nonbinary and gender-fluid couples and polyamory partnerships.  Appointment times are Monday through Thursday from 11:00am to 5:00am, Fridays from 11:00am to 4:00pm and Saturdays from 10:00am to 1:00pm. Telephone appointments are offered after the first in-person counseling session.  To check available session times and to book an appointment simply click the above Schedule Appointments tab . The next step is to create an account then schedule an appointment at your own convenience. Olufemi knows how busy life can be therefore appointment confirmations and reminders are sent via email as a courtesy to the individuals she works with.

Olufemi takes great pleasure in working with a diverse group of individuals from a range of cultures, histories and backgrounds.  She is gifted in sorting out the issues and bringing out what is possible and unique in the people she works with.  She believes everyone has the capacity to reach their fullest potential when given a chance and within a  respectful and healthy environment or community of supportive people cheerleading their continual success, however that is real for folks.

Olufemi  believes the issues are in the tissues of the brain and body. She is exceedingly grateful and privileged to have accompanied hundreds of individuals along their unique path of healing in overcoming  difficult issues, symptoms of anxiety, complicated grief,  shame, relationship challenges, trauma, loneliness, BPD, ADHD, bipolar, depression, family conflict, low self-worth, etc.  Together with her clients she helps them to untangle the issues, explore, identify, name and begin the process of releasing and shedding old ideas, limiting beliefs, false identities and ancient holdings of concepts and conditions that may have historically stifled personal growth, happiness, abundance, and greater connection.  

Olufemi provides a safe, supportive healing space to assist individuals  and couples in naming what matters most to them and tailoring treatment objectives to fit each person’s distinguished life experience. She actively listens to understand, guide, teach, comfort and coach. Offerings of wisdom, insight & solutions as well as resources are included in the sessions.  Providing insight, tools, coping skills, assignments, wisdom and solution-based therapy is helpful to the extent that it eliminates symptoms and shifts away from faulty mental habits and re-orients the individual to more balanced thinking, regulated emotions and less vulnerable to trigger events.

Olufemi is honored and humbled to have answered the call over 30 years ago to her life purpose in becoming a mental health therapist in embracing the whole-person wellness model.  The bottom up, top down therapy model helps people understand the need to take care of  their brain and body in very specific ways to up-regulate emotional energy with meditation breath work practice and becoming more present to the here and now while also utilizing positive self-talk, restorative physical movement and energy healing rituals.

Olufemi is the embodiment of a tender heart-truth teller in the business of helping to alleviate individual distress, anxiety, depression,  trauma, stress, low self-worth, negative body imaging, gender dysphoria, communication struggles, loneliness, fear, family conflict, work burnout, micro-aggression angst in the workplace and romantic relationship challenges.  Olufemi understands that human suffering or distress arrive in a number of guises that can look like anger, stress, discontentment, feelings of lack, emptiness, numbness, confusion, unresolved trauma, self-loathing, feeling stuck, disappointment, frustration, discouragement, eating disorders, addiction and some existential issues.  One thing is sure, the people who walk into her office want to feel better.  

Olufemi is right there to provide warm acceptance and the tools, strategies, skills, resources and often times the language that yields relief of symptoms and positive treatment outcomes.  No matter how painful a situation a person may find themselves in there is a resolve a solution a pathway to a new freedom, a new happiness, a new joy, a new life.

Using a combination of therapeutic approaches allow Olufemi the use of a broad range of modalities available to help reduce and eliminate symptoms associated  with the stress  hormone response system better known as the fight-flight-freeze or hide system or (the hot system).  She knows that having available a conglomeration of tools, skills, techniques, rituals, and strategies help to soften, settle, calm and recalibrate the nervous system in the body and limbic system in the brain.  Olufemi has collected a blend of therapeutic approaches well researched and experientially practiced for hundreds of years within indigenous cultures in different parts of the world.  She calls it the  bottom up, top down approach.

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Healing and Transformation


Olufemi is an expert mindfulness leader, a mystic,  a sage energy healer, trauma-informed and a cognitive therapist.  She has trained in Phuket, Thailand, Shanghai, China, Accra, Ghana, Costa Rica, Central America, Rome, Italy, Esalen Center in Big Sur, California. Also studied at 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, California, Sedona Mago Center in Sedona, Arizona, and at Garrison Center in New York City.  Olufemi is a long-term member of the American Counseling Association.

Olufemi is more than happy to hold space for you in her heart. To hear your story and support your path of overcoming and toward becoming....

She knows that successful therapy results are contingent upon a trusting relationship between therapist and client.  And the individual’s willingness to do the therapy work and apply the tools and skills between sessions.  The work done in therapy supports emotional relief of symptoms of the issues. Through the use of breath work meditation, energy clearing rituals, visualizations, body movement/restorative yoga, tai chi, tao tapping, dancing, art, singing, and journaling/writing assignments all aid enormously in building emotional capacity in overcoming cognitive distortions, limiting beliefs, false identities, shame spirals, self-loathing, blaming others, and so much more.

The following are personal remarks from the provider: Olufemi Y. Sharp.

“I’m so glad you have chosen to visit my website.  Good job to you for being open to trying a different approach to mental health counseling. I am here to help you achieve treatment success however that is real for you.  It's a journey in reawakening to a new freedom, a new joy and a new happiness, a new discovery of self.   It’s about overcoming and becoming and stepping more into the truth about who we are.  Painful issues are stored in the muscles and tissues .  I will help you sort out the issues , the conflicts , the pain to unravel and clear out the constrictions in the brain  and body. 

I too have had to face the sharp points... the screams of life.  Family dysfunction. Broken relationships. Major loss and trauma.  As a black girl child I was  taught to internalize self-hatred by overt and covert messages in the home and by a society steeped in systemic racism. I was emotionally imprinted, mentally mapped into cultural dysfunction throughout  my young  adult life. Trauma, setbacks, loss, ignorance, and shame was my burden to bear.   None of that compared to the deep loss of my sweet amazing daughter Candice in 2000.  

Candice was a college student and a spoken word poet: a voice social justice.  She died while attending MU only a few months away from graduating with a political science degree. I felt swallowed up by grief. It took every fiber every tendril in my brain and body to get out of bed.   I had to fight to come back to life. I fought to overcome the limitations of my upbringing daring to go against the gravity of a marginalized false identity.  I struggled to unburden and there were people along the path to help me get here.  To gain entry into the amazing life I have today that historically told me I was not worthy of love or deserving  of phenomenal happiness and success.

Life can be  a long protracted path of transitions. Of  ups and downs, twists and turns toward  transformation and transcendence in healing. In  learning that we grow through what we go through.  And that happiness really does begin within. The unburdening is the process  of overcoming and becoming and stepping more into the truth about who we are and--- who we are not.

I  support  you.

Thank you. 

Olufemi  (Fehmi)  Sharp

symbol the Ankh.

Asante sana

If you have any questions about services, insurance or fees please text message (816) 665-3003.  

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